Download Microsoft Edge 116 + Security Baseline With Split Screen, Cross-Device File Sharing

Patch 23 security vulnerabilities with this release and get your hands on the latest, most useful features with Edge 116.

Microsoft Edge Generic

Microsoft Edge has now been upgraded to version 116. More precisely, for desktops, its version is now 116.0.1938.54. Along with this, Microsoft has simultaneously published the Security Baseline for this release as well.

While the Security Baseline remains the same as for Edge version 114, it still includes 16 new user and machine policies (8 for each). Moreover, Edge 116 includes a few new feature updates and addresses 23 security vulnerabilities. 2 of these security vulnerability patches are specifically for Edge, while the other 21 are Chromium-based.

Let us dive into the details of Microsoft Edge 116 and learn what is new before proceeding to install it.

Edge 116 Release Summary

  • Complete Release Build: 116.0.1938.54
  • Release Date: Monday, August 21st, 2023
  • Compatibility: Windows 1110 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
  • Previous Build: 115.0.1901.183
  • Security Fixes: 23. More information about security fixes can be found here.

New in Microsoft Edge 116

Split screen

Microsoft introduced the split-screen option in Microsoft Edge version 115. However, at the time, the split-screen feature was still experimental and had to be enabled through a flag.

With Edge 116, this feature has been enabled by default.

To enable or disable the split-screen view in Edge, simply click on the associated button in the top bar, next to the Omnibox.

Enable or disable split screen in Microsoft Edge
Enable or disable split screen in Microsoft Edge

Drop files across devices

Now, you can share files and other data using just Microsoft Edge. Now, simply drag and drop the items that you want to share across devices into the “Drop” panel in the sidebar. The Drop panel can be expanded by clicking on the button highlighted in the sidebar in the image below.

Note: For Drop to work, you must be signed into Edge with a Microsoft account.

Drop items to share between devices
Drop items to share between devices

After dropping the files into the highlighted area, press “Send” to confirm the sharing. Now, you can download the files on any other device that has Edge installed and are logged in with the same Microsoft account.

Download shared items from the Drop sidebar feature
Download shared items from the Drop sidebar feature

Microsoft Edge for Business

Entra ID, formerly known as Azure Active Directory, is an enterprise-level cloud-based IT solutions platform. If you have an Entra ID, simply logging into Microsoft Edge 116 (or higher) will enable Microsoft Edge for Business.

Edge for Business isn’t a separate browser – simply a managed profile for the current Edge browser.

Edge for Business will have additional integrated features, such as enterprise-grade security, manageability, integrated AI, etc. It will also allow the user to have separate profiles for work and personal use.

When Edge for Business is running, you will see a briefcase icon in the top menu instead of the Edge icon.

To learn more about Microsoft Edge for Business, refer to this blog post.

Attach Edge sidebar to desktop

Note: At the moment, this feature is only available to Windows 10 users. No other platform, including Windows 11, is supported right now.

You can now detach the Edge sidebar from Microsoft Edge and bring it directly to your desktop.

Attach Microsoft Edge sidebar to desktop
Attach the Microsoft Edge sidebar to desktop

To attach the sidebar to the desktop, click on the popup button near the end of the sidebar in Edge. To revert it to Edge and off the desktop, simply click on the “X” marked at the bottom of the sidebar.

New policies

Microsoft has included one new policy to Edge 116, which is the following:

  • Policy: ThrottleNonVisibleCrossOriginIframesAllowed

    Description: Throttling of cross-origin frames that are display:none and non-visible is a feature designed to make cross-process and same-process cross-origin iframes consistent in their rendering behavior. This enterprise policy exists to allow administrators to control whether their users can turn the additional throttling on or not.

Obsolete policies

With the addition of a new policy, Microsoft has also announced one obsolete policy:

  • Policy: EventPathEnabled

    Description: Starting in Microsoft Edge version 109, the non-standard API Event.path will be removed to improve web compatibility. This policy re-enables the API until version 115.

Security enhancements

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, this Edge update patches 23 security vulnerabilities. 2 are specific to Edge, while the other 21 are Chromium-based. Here are the details of these security CVEs:

To download the complete security updates summary for this release, click on the link below:

Download Microsoft Edge 116 + Security Baseline With Split Screen, Cross-Device File Sharing 1  Microsoft Edge 116 Security Updates (7.8 KiB, 77 hits)

Update to Edge 116

If you already have Microsoft Edge on your PC, you can simply upgrade it to the latest build using the guide given further down below. If not, use the links given in the next section to install it now.

Microsoft Edge comes preinstalled in Windows 11 and 10. Learn how to uninstall Microsoft Edge. If you wish to reinstall Edge, you can go here.

  1. Click on the ellipses (3 dots) in the top-right corner of the browser, expand “Help and feedback,” and then click “About Microsoft Edge.”

    About Microsoft Edge
    About Microsoft Edge
  2. Edge will automatically download and install the latest version. Click Restart when it’s done.

    Restart Microsoft Edge
    Restart Microsoft Edge

Once it relaunches, you can return to the About page and check that it has been updated to version 116.

Edge updated to version 116
Edge updated to version 116

If you want to download Edge 116 for offline installation, you can visit the following page which lists several methods to download and upgrade your Microsoft Edge browser.

Download Microsoft Edge Browser

Download Microsoft Edge 116 Security Baseline

Security baselines are a set of additional configurations which give IT professionals more control over their current environment. These new controls are policies that they can configure according to their business and network requirements.

Microsoft describes security baselines as follows:

A security baseline is a group of Microsoft-recommended configuration settings that explains their security impact.


Edge security baselines give granular control of various security aspects to the experts to mold their policies as they want to. Since each individual or organization has different security requirements, these additional policies are configurable accordingly.

As per the official announcement, no further security policy enforcement is required at the moment and the Security Baseline for Edge version 114 is still valid. However, this baseline includes 8 new computer settings and 8 new user settings.

Download and install Security Baseline for Edge 116

Use the guide below to download and install the new Security Baseline for Microsoft Edge version 116:

  1. Open the page for Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit 1.0 and click “Download.”

    download 1
    Download Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit
  2. Select “Microsoft Edge v114 Security” and click Next.

    Select Microsoft Edge 114 Security Baseline to download
    Select Microsoft Edge 114 Security Baseline to download

    Your download will then begin.

  3. Extract the downloaded file.

    Extract the downloaded Security Baseline files
    Extract the downloaded Security Baseline files
  4. Navigate to the following location within the extracted folder:

    Microsoft Edge v114 Security Baseline >> Scripts
  5. Right-click “Baseline-LocalInstall” and click “Run with powershell.”

    Begin Edge Security Baseline installation
    Begin Edge Security Baseline installation

    To run the baseline for Active Directory, you should run the Baseline-ADImport script instead.

The script will now run automatically. Wait for the PowerShell window to close on its own, and the security baseline for Microsoft Edge 116 will now be installed.

New in Edge 116 Security Baseline

The new settings included in this release of Security Baseline for Microsoft Edge 116 are listed in this table:

Security Setting ForDetailsLocation within Windows Registry
MachineAllows enabling throttling of non-visible cross-origin iframesHKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\ThrottleNonVisibleCrossOriginIframesAllowed
MachineEnable Wallet Checkout featureHKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\EdgeWalletCheckoutEnabled
MachineEnable Wallet Checkout featureHKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\Recommended!EdgeWalletCheckoutEnabled
MachinePin browser essentials toolbar buttonHKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\Recommended!PinBrowserEssentialsToolbarButton
MachineEnable built-in PDF reader powered by Adobe Acrobat for WebView2HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\WebView2\NewPDFReaderWebView2List
MachineBlock third-party storage partitioning for these originsHKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\ThirdPartyStoragePartitioningBlockedForOrigins
MachineDefault setting for third-party storage partitioningHKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\DefaultThirdPartyStoragePartitioningSetting
MachinePin browser essentials toolbar buttonHKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\PinBrowserEssentialsToolbarButton
UserAllows enabling throttling of non-visible cross-origin iframesHKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\ThrottleNonVisibleCrossOriginIframesAllowed
UserEnable Wallet Checkout featureHKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\EdgeWalletCheckoutEnabled
UserEnable Wallet Checkout featureHKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\Recommended\EdgeWalletCheckoutEnabled
UserPin browser essentials toolbar buttonHKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\Recommended\PinBrowserEssentialsToolbarButton
UserEnable built-in PDF reader powered by Adobe Acrobat for WebView2HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\WebView2\NewPDFReaderWebView2List
UserBlock third-party storage partitioning for these originsHKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\ThirdPartyStoragePartitioningBlockedForOrigins
UserDefault setting for third-party storage partitioningHKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\DefaultThirdPartyStoragePartitioningSetting
UserPin browser essentials toolbar buttonHKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\PinBrowserEssentialsToolbarButton
New security settings in Security Baseline for Edge 116

To read more in detail about the new settings in Edge 116 Security Baseline, click on the link below to download the detailed Excel sheet:

Download Microsoft Edge 116 + Security Baseline With Split Screen, Cross-Device File Sharing 1  New policies in Microsoft Edge 116 Security Baseline (9.1 KiB, 73 hits)

Who should install Security Baseline

Not everyone who owns a Windows computer needs to install these baselines. If you are on a home computer and use it to play games, browse websites online and perform no work activities, you probably do not need to install this Edge security baseline.

However, if you put in your financial or Personal Identification Information (PII), or perform confidential tasks online, you can use the security baselines to make your system and your information more secure.

Ending words

Edge 116 includes some amazing new features that just might be a deal-breaker for many. You may see a lot of people now shifting from Chrome and other browsers to Microsoft Edge.

With Edge 116, you now get integrated file-sharing options, a sidebar on the desktop for quick and convenient browsing and web app access, and other AI-integrated features. Let us know what you think of these features in the comments below.

Additionally, it also patches 23 security vulnerabilities. However, none of them are deemed critical. Regardless, we still recommend that you keep your web browsers updated at all times to patch vulnerabilities and reduce threats.

Microsoft Edge Update History

Edge VersionRelease DateFeatures & improvements
Edge 1192-Nov-23Addresses 16 vulnerabilities, improves split-screen restore, ability to manage sidebar app auto-launch, “Always show sidebar” option placed under Copilot settings
Edge 11813-Oct-23Addresses 15 vulnerabilities, and introduces AI-powered Find on Page.
Edge 11715-Sep-23Addresses 14 vulnerabilities, includes More Tools deprecations and unload event deprecation, includes support for Microsoft Edge for Business for BYOPC via Intune.
Edge 11621-Aug-23Addresses 23 vulnerabilities, introduces split screen, ability to drop files across devices, and ability to attach Edge sidebar to desktop.
Edge 11521-Jul-23Microsoft Edge management service, rounded tabs, mouse gestures, split screen view.
Edge 1135-May-23Basic Enhanced Security Mode was removed, shifted to EdgeUpdater on macOS, and introduced new policies, addresses 2 security vulnerabilities.
Edge 1126-Apr-23Introduced Browser Essentials in place of the Performance Hub, improvements to enhanced security mode and some policies.
Edge 11113-Mar-23Bing copilot in the toolbar, auto-hiding sidebar, hover over the sidebar to expand, and policy to clear IE mode history on browser exit.
Edge 1109-Feb-23Introduces Immersive Reader policies, Azure Active Directory synchronization, Drop feature to share files, and several security updates.
Edge 10913-Jan-2314 security updates, 8 new policies, and 2 deprecated policies.
Edge 1085-Dec-22Important security fixes, a new policy to disable Web Select amongst others.
Edge 10727-Oct-22Improved sidebar, new policies, and security fixes.
Edge 1063-Oct-22Improved web defense and increased the maximum number of search results to 4
Edge 1052-Sep-22Improvements to IE mode and enhanced security
Edge 1045-Aug-22Support to import data and enhanced security on the web
Edge 10323-Jun-22Improvements for online and web gaming
Edge 10231-May-22With reverse image search and security improvements
Edge 1001-Apr-22Sends 3-digit user agent string, PDF updates, and hardware-enforces stack protection
Edge 993-Mar-22Custom primary password and PDF navigation
Edge 984-Feb-22Edge Bar, reduced resource consumption
Edge 976-Jan-22Auto-citation, endpoint data loss prevention (DLP)
Edge 9610-Dec-21Super duper secure mode, typosquatting
Edge 9015-Apr-21SSO, PDF printing
Edge 894-Mar-21Vertical Tabs, Sleeping Tabs, Startup Boost
Edge 8821-Jan-21Password generator, transparent privacy controls
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