Policies for itechtics.com

Actionable Feedback Policy

The feedback from our readers keeps us on our toes to improve the quality and accuracy of our content. Your comments, suggestions, corrections and complaints, either through the comments form at the end of each article or through the contact form, are highly appreciated. We review all submitted feedback and respond, where necessary, as soon as possible.

We encourage you to continue participating in our updates and educational guides. Your opinions matter to us and help shape our future editorial direction.

We are committed to following the best practices of journalism and adhering to the highest ethical standards. If you find any factual errors, misleading statements, or plagiarism in our articles, please contact us with details and we’ll correct them promptly.

Corrections Policy

Itechtics is committed to delivering accurate, reliable, trustworthy and verifiable information to our readers. We take complete responsibility for any errors or mistakes in our content, and will correct them promptly once you contact us with the details.

If you find any factual errors, typos, grammatical errors, or other issues in our articles, please contact us through our contact form. We will review your feedback and make the necessary corrections as soon as possible.

We will also indicate the corrections made at the end of the article or in the comments section with a note that explains what was changed and when. We will also acknowledge our mistakes and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We appreciate your help in improving the quality and credibility of our website.

Diversity Policy

Itechtics is guided by a simple but powerful mission; to save the time people spend learning and knowing about new technology updates.

To achieve this mission, we have added experts and journalists from diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. While most contributors have a deep understanding of computer science as a subject, we welcome people from technical backgrounds, including mechatronics, electrical engineering, computer networking, and biotechnology.

You can go through our staff list in the diversity staffing report.

Ethics Policy

At Itechtics, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of journalistic integrity. Our ethics policy outlines the values and principles that guide our work.

Accuracy and Fairness

We strive to report news accurately, honestly, and with balance. We do not distort or misrepresent information. We give all relevant parties the opportunity to respond to our reporting.

Independence and Transparency

We are independent in our reporting and are not influenced by our advertisers, sources, or stakeholders. If a conflict of interest arises, we disclose it. We are transparent about who we are and what our mission is.


We take responsibility for our work and promptly correct any errors or omissions. We encourage our readers to hold us accountable.

Respect and Empathy

We treat our sources, subjects, colleagues, and readers with respect. We are empathetic and understanding in our reporting, particularly when dealing with sensitive issues.


We respect the confidentiality of our sources. We only break confidentiality if there is clear public interest or explicit permission from the source.


We do not plagiarize. We always attribute our sources and give credit where it’s due. All content is checked for plagiarism after being published.

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While AI is gaining popularity day by day, we have tried multiple AI content analysis and writing tools, and have come to the conclusion that the use of AI for content writing is actually close to plagiarism.

By definition, AI content is produced by hashing currently available information. We have restricted the use of AI to produce content in Itechtics. All the content on itechtics.com is written by human writers who are experts in their fields.

Mission Coverage Priorities Policy

Our mission is to empower our readers with high-quality, reliable and accessible information about technology, software and gadgets, while saving the amount of time they spend on learning and using new technologies.

Coverage Priorities

  1. Technology News: We prioritize covering the latest news in the tech world, especially related to Microsoft technologies, browsers and security. This includes new product launches, updates, and announcements from major tech companies.
  2. Software Reviews: We provide in-depth reviews of software, apps, and tools. Our reviews are unbiased and based on thorough testing and analysis.
  3. Tutorials: We create easy-to-follow tutorials on various tech topics. Our goal is to help our readers learn new skills and solve problems. We provide actionable screenshots of the tutorials for your ease.
  4. Comparisons: We compare different products, services, and technologies to help our readers make informed decisions.
  5. Cybersecurity: We cover topics related to cybersecurity to help our readers protect their digital lives.

Editorial Independence

Our editorial team makes our coverage decisions independently. We do not accept payment for coverage, and we do not allow advertisers or sponsors to influence our editorial decisions.

No Bylines Policy

There are situations where we may choose not to include bylines of individual authors in our articles. This policy outlines those situations.

  1. Collective Work: Some of our articles are the result of collaborative efforts by multiple members of our team. In such cases, instead of attributing the article to one person, we may choose to attribute the piece of content to Itechtics Staff.
  2. Tools and services: Itechtics provides tools for its users, like End of Life, which automates the End of life dates of different products and their different versions. These pages are not attributed to any specific writer.
  3. Company Announcements: Articles that are official company announcements or press releases may not include a byline as they represent the voice of the company as a whole rather than an individual writer.

Please note that our decision to omit bylines does not affect our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable, and trustworthy information to our readers. We continue to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity and ethics.

Ownership Funding Information

itechtics.com is a privately owned and operated website. Itechtics was founded by Usman Khurshid, a tech enthusiast and network engineer, with the aim of documenting his own technology journey and providing high-quality, reliable, and accessible information about technology, software, and gadgets.


Itechtics is primarily funded through advertising revenue. We have partnered with Ezoic for Ad Tech on the site. We maintain strict guidelines to ensure that advertising does not influence our editorial content.

This helps support our work and allows us to continue providing free content to our readers.


We believe in transparency and honesty. We disclose all our sources of funding, and we are clear about how we make money. We do not accept payment for coverage, and we do not allow advertisers or sponsors to influence our editorial decisions. We do not use any affiliate links on our website.

We are committed to serving the needs and interests of our readers. If you have any questions or concerns about our ownership or funding, please contact us.

Unnamed Sources Policy

The basis of transparency is that we disclose all our sources. We try to attribute all the trustworthy sources from where we have gotten the news, mostly official sources.

There are situations where it may not be possible to add a source for the news. In such cases, we may decide to use unnamed sources.

Here are the guidelines we follow when using unnamed sources:

  1. Verification: We do not publish information from unnamed sources unless it has been thoroughly verified and corroborated by other reliable sources.
  2. Last Resort: We only use unnamed sources as a last resort. If the same information can be obtained from another source, we will use that source instead.
  3. Public Interest: We only use unnamed sources if the information provided is of significant public interest and could not be obtained in any other way.
  4. Disclosure: We disclose to our readers why we have chosen to grant anonymity to a source.
  5. Protection: We protect the identities of our unnamed sources. Once we grant anonymity, we uphold it.

This policy is intended to balance our commitment to transparency with our commitment to providing important information that serves the public interest.

Verification and Fact-Checking Policy

We are committed to providing accurate, reliable, and trustworthy information to our readers. We understand the importance of verification and fact-checking in maintaining the credibility of our content.


Before we publish any information, we ensure that it is accurate and reliable. We verify the information through the following methods:

  1. Multiple Sources: We cross-check information with multiple reliable sources.
  2. Direct Confirmation: Whenever possible, we confirm the information directly with the source.
  3. Expert Consultation: We consult with experts in the field to verify technical or complex information.


We have a rigorous fact-checking process in place to ensure the accuracy of our content. Our fact-checking process includes:

  1. Pre-Publication Review: Every article goes through a thorough review by our editorial team before publication.
  2. Regular Updates: We regularly update our articles to correct any inaccuracies and to include new information.
  3. Reader Feedback: We encourage our readers to report any errors or inaccuracies they find in our content.


If we find any errors in our content, we correct them promptly and transparently. We indicate the corrections made at the end of the article with a note that explains what was changed and when.

We believe that this verification and fact-checking policy enhances the trustworthiness of Itechtics and ensures that our readers can rely on the information we provide.