Windows 12 And Office 2024 Rumors And Release Date Speculations

Microsoft confirms Windows 12 and Office 2024 to be released in 2024 end.

Windows 12 And Office 2024 Rumors And Release Date Speculations

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There is a lot of talk on the internet about Windows 12 and Microsoft Office 2024. This is because Microsoft may have just confirmed that both of these will be released in the year 2024.

In a post by Techosarusrex on X, formerly Twitter, he mentioned that 2024 will be an “amazing year” hinting toward several Microsoft products. Here is the complete tweet:

As you can see in the post, he hints toward “Windows Client,” which will likely be Windows 12, and other operating systems. He also hints toward a new Office suite, which will likely be Office 2024.

Even though this tweet isn’t sufficient to perform any speculations, this rumor was (sort of) confirmed by Microsoft’s official Twitter account: Windows Insider Program. They replied to Techosarusrex’s tweet saying “The future is bright indeed.”

Our speculation

Even though the Tweets above neither confirm nor deny whether Windows 12 and Office 2024 will be released next year, we strongly believe that it will do this.

This speculation is based on the release history of the different Windows versions over the years, as well as the history of the different Office versions.

Considering the release dates provided in our Windows End of Life archive, it can be observed that while Windows 11 was released in 2021, a newer operating system released in 2024 would only mean Microsoft is returning to a 3-year release cadence. Therefore, there is a high chance of Windows 12 being released in 2024. More precisely, considering its history, Windows 12 could be released in Sept-Oct 2024.

Similarly, observing the Office End of Life archive, one can conclude that Office also follows a 3-year release cadence. Since the last version was Office 2021, released in 2021, it only makes sense that Office 2024 is to be anticipated.

That being said, considering the history again, Office 2024 could most likely be released in Sept-Oct 2024 as well.


After taking into account the release history of Windows OS and Microsoft Office, as well as the Tweets mentioned above, it is safe to assume that Microsoft will not only be rolling out new versions of Windows Client and Office but also for the LTSC channel and Windows Server.

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